The Snealing and Dealing Podcast proudly presents Episode 3: Bad Radio!

Your Host Phill and co-host Alex tackle many of the most pressing issues in society today like stupid wrestling fans and bad radio! Here are today topics in no particular order


Bore-meets world update: will Steven And Kyle ever respond to Phill's twitter Dm? listen to find out!

Bad Radio out the Ass we talk about a fashion podcast, war of the roses and so much more! including Phill's Trip down memory lane.. in which Phill was on a wrestling podcast called...


The Steel Cage Podcast which eventually broke into two podcast The Steel Cage Podcast and The Dirty Sheets Podcast...was Phill the reason? no not really but we have some funny clips from it!

and of course our very special guest for this Episode...Clide Featherbottom with news about a new podcast of his own.


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The Snealing And Dealing Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 "Comedy Has A Home Here"

As The title indicates comedy does have a home here, on this episode Phill and Nicole dive into the madness that is the world we live in today. Where people are outted for things they say in high school after raising 3 million dollars to a children's hospital. This Episode of Snealing and Dealing takes a more serious tone as phill and Nicole battle against the overly political world we live in today. 

show topics:

Call Her Daddy topic

Paranormal Fakes

Vape Ban

Interview With Bobby Files

Carson King Story

Tom Brady a White Supremist

PC Bull Shit

Phill Calls people out.....that you wont want to miss!

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The Snealing And Dealing Podcast Season 2

Episode 1: Bikers Babes and Bores 

The Return of the Snealing and Dealing podcast is here and back with a vengeance, here to attack your comedy bones.

On this weeks episode Phill and Alex discuss The Kirk Minihane Show, Phill is 100% on board and knows things take time but will Alex get on board?

The Kirk Minihane Show

Is this season 6 or season 2 you decided tweet us @snealing and let us know what you think

call her daddy debacle/vape god

BoreMeets world...Phill and Alex dive into the world of Stephen and Kyle of Bore Meets world...what do the guys think? are they possible friends or better enemies listen to find out!

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Bore Meets Wolrd Podcast

Janitor John Janitor Johns the podcast to discuss Bikers and Babes in Paradise and the triumphant return, you wont want to miss this episode

and lastly Phill calls out a paranormal enthusiast for faking photos and wants Tony Merkel's help from the confessionals to give his opinion on the matter.

and of course the biggest part of the episode the lost episode of bikers and babes you wont want to miss this huge segment!

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This episode of Behind The Scenes is all about Wrestlefest 4! step into the writters room as they discuss what will happen at WF4 and possible future storylines. If this podcast was rated like a movie it would be rated R. There is at times strong language but overall its a peak behind the curtain into how a wrestling show is planned. 


you can view Wrestlefest 4 on the link below


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This behind the scenes episode is a look into the planning that went into End Of days 2,which debuted in October 2018 on YouTube. Step into the writters room as Phill, Alex and Josh debate and discuss possible matches and storylines going forward. There isn't to many spoilers for future storylines that haven't happened yet, but then again as you will hear storylines change in the matter of moments. This was recorded over a two sessions period in August of 2018. 

End Of Days 2 link


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