Snealing and Dealing Podcast Season 2 Episode 11: The Return Of LTD

Host: Phill

co-host: Alex

Special Guest: Keith Tata


  • Keith divinely returns to phill's life.
  • Cape Life sucks
  • Janitor John Janitor recap
  • Who is a better guitarist Keith or Trevor Hall?
  • Keith's Musical influences
  • Tim The Bass man
  • The Rise of LTD
  • The other band...
  • College life vs. the struggles of having a band
  • The Vines


  • Joe Rogans Endorcement?
  • Bernie vs. Liz
  • Dick Vitale why is he still around?
  • Phill calls out josh's red wings and his soccer team and AEW
  • A JJJ phone call that sent chills down the spines of all of us collectively


  • Keith "podcast is great job is great"
  • Bobby Breaks News 
  • Keith talks about his new job


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Loyalty, Friendship and UnderTheLight

This is one of the most open and honest conversations that i've had in a long time. Some might say a preview of what will be coming down the pipe in The Snealing And Dealing Podcast. An open an honest discussion about topics that other people want to talk about but feel they cant. In this Fire side chat my good friend Andrew joins me as we discuss a number of different topics including old friendships that went south. Ill be honest it might be uncomfortable for some people to listen to this but I consider this an olive branch of sorts. Here are some of the discussion points.

Intro: Andrews love for KMart

UTL Stories:

  • OHIO: revisited phill admits his mistake
  • The Cast Begins
  • Todd's leadership
  • Papa Harleys Church
  • Inner City Philly and free turkey
  • Boston vs. Philly
  • UTL videos
  • Andrews leftover meals

At this point in the show Phill asks Andrew the question that will ultimately define this fire side chat

"Are you not friends with anyone from school?"

Phill and Andrew discuss certian friendships that have recently and why they are no more. 

PC Culture in 2020

  • Andrews personal take on racial issues in 2020 and his own experiences of racism in his own life.
  • phill wants to treat everyone equal



The Snealing And Dealing Podcast

Season 2

Episode 10: Phill Boycotts Gender Reveal Parties



The General Spreads his christmas cheer

The College Days

Jadedness and College

Stu with the win on facebook!

Under The Light Stories


Gender Reveal Parties

Fart gender reveal

JJJ has been Attacked!

JBJ has been held hostage according to bobby files

Phills New projects


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Welcome To the First ever and probably only episode of "A Day In The Life Of Cubbies" a Boy Meets World Podcast that covers the show on an episodic basis. This show is the result of Phill's (Host Of The Snealing And Dealing Posdcast ) Promise to record an episode of "Bore Meets World" Before they did. So Phill is keeping his promise and recorded this episode today, With The Editing problems "The Bore Brand" has had phill thought it was a perfect time to record and release this episode. Again Phill only wants to be a guest on their show and have Stephen and Kyle on his show..phill doesn't think this is complicated but who knows...enjoy!

This Weeks Episode: Season 3 Episode 13 New Friends and Old (Boy Meets World)

Stay tuned to find out what Phills "Eric moment of the week was"

After The Episode stay tuned for phill's rant about his co-hosts lack of effort and well you'll see. 

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The Snealing And Dealing Podcast 

Season 2 Episode 9: Tony's Confessions

Host: Phill

Co-Host Alex

Special Guest: Tony Merkel, Host of the confessionals, paranormal expert, podcasting expert 


Introduction: Recap and Introduction of Tony Merkel

How Tony deals with Liars on his podcast 

Show Intros and how they are made

The Family aka international Christian Leadership 

National Prayer Breakfast 

Doug Coe and Jesus + Nothing

The Old college days 

"But at the same token...Fuck em" Phills response to Tony about...

Commercial Break 

Phills Hatman Stories 

Alex's Paranormal Experiences 

Tonys red light experiences 

Grant from Johnston abnormal paranormal society tell his bigfoot story 

Skunk Apes 

One night stand with a BigFoot


Phone Call Segment- Tony Takes your paranormal phone calls

Brad Kidd and false paranormal 

Oak Island 


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Paranormal Group In question


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